Cutting kits............

I went to the basement to work on some kits and decided to take one more photo of this quilt on the design walls.  It has to come down because this is my best photo wall.  I have really enjoyed having it up there for over a week.
I am going to give my color workshop in late September so I have been working on the kits of 100 squares (2.5").  I cut 24 kits last summer and did them with a double layer of each fabric which means I have to divide the stacks into 2 kits.  The 6 on the left are divided.  I do the dividing while the news and weather is on at night.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday, mid 70s and low humidity.  I have started the clean up of the back garden starting with cutting down the peonies and digging out unwanted plants and volunteer trees.  I only got about a third done so I'll work on it again today.