Gift making, garden path, and cutting................

I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow so I made 2 kinds of burp cloths as part of my gift.  I got the free patterns off the internet when my great grandson was born.  They are 2 layers of flannel and backed with PUL, a waterproof fabric.  
The Rudbeckia are in bloom in the back garden now.  I had one bag of wood chips left from 3 years ago so I spread them on my path around the tree.  I love this wild and tangled garden.

Last night I decided to start cutting the Drunkard's patch blocks from the Marcia Derse scraps.  The larger scraps are this shape and I can get 3 parts out of them.

This is the other shaped scrap and I can get one of the small templates in addition to the convex large piece.  On half of them I will cut the small concave piece and from the other half I will cut the small convex piece.
This is what I have cut so far.  I'm probably about half done.  The pile of scraps in the bottom center will but put in the dog bed scrap bag.  The pile on the right might turn into something interesting.