Door is done............

My son came over yesterday morning to give the final coat to the front door.  It looks so nice!  Now I need a new modern screen/storm door with a larger window to show it off.

We had rain in the morning so I waited until afternoon to go outside and dig out a flower bed.  There was a bush planted in the middle that was dying and lots of Sneezeweed and Asters in it.  My helper last year cleaned out half of it so luckily I only had half to do.  That was enough for my old body.
There was a second flower stalk on the Amaryllis and one of the flowers opened on Friday.  There were 3 blooms on the first stalk and 2 on this one.

Here is a close up on the Sundrops.  They have such an unusual center.  There are lots of buds on each plant and there were bunches of them in bloom yesterday.