80 blocks on the design wall.........

Since this is not a serious art quilt, but just a fast fun one, I think this layout is done.  I decided if they were going to be bouncing balls that I should match the colors within each "ball" as well as I could.  I'll sew it together today.  It should be around 56" x 70" when sewn.
Remember when I showed you last year's geraniums that spent the winter bare root in a box in my garage?  This is what they looked like when I first planted them.

This is how they look now and 3 of them have bloomed already.

The porch pots are all looking good.  I found 2 varieties of Hosta, both with yellow on the leaves, that I didn't have at very reasonable prices.  I haven't decided where they will go yet.

This is the area to the right of the porch railing.  There are 2 hostas, a columbine, balloon flowers, red penstemon, tiger lily and evening primrose.  My gardens grow close and hardly have a path between plants.  I admire neat gardens with single plants and mulch, but that is not for me. 
The dark Jack-in-the-Pulpit came up a lot later than the plain green variety this year.  I was afraid this plant had died over our mild winter.