Testing layouts..............

I moved one of my design walls to a different location in the eating area in my basement.  It can't stay there when I have company but I can have it there for better lighting for photography the rest of the time.  These are the Kaffe collective and plaid triangles, layout 1.

The design wall is 4' wide so you can see they are big triangles, finishing at 6" squares; layout 2

Layout 3

I was having a hard time trying to keep the shine off the pages for this photo.  The top one is Kaffe prints, ikats, stripes and plaids and is in one of Kaffe's books.  The bottom one is Kaffe prints and stripes and was in a magazine in 2006.  I would have to delete most of my light fabrics to get this look.  The mediums become the lights.  I could also divide the fabrics and make 2 quilts.