Busy Monday.....hope to sew Tuesday.............

Every time I walk past my Many Moons wallhanging in my living room I notice certain fabrics that really make the design work well.

I like the busier designs in the batiks.  Neutrals like beige and brown make the brighter fabrics even prettier. 

This light print was used several times and really gives the feeling of wispy clouds drifting past the moon.

 I finished this in November last year and it has been hanging in my living room since then.  This is the best photo I have gotten so far and it still isn't doesn't show the rich colors correctly.

Why am I showing you this quilt?  Because I have nothing to show for yesterday.  I sewed preemie outfits for about an hour and a half yesterday morning, went to sewing circle in the afternoon, stopped at 2 stores on the way home, and then went out and dug up volunteer plants for over an hour last night. I was way too tired to sew or even cut anything last night.  This week is going to be pretty hot so my cool basement sounds like a good place to be and maybe I can get one or two quilts started today and tomorrow.