Border audition and planting pots................

I only tried one fabric as a border (if I am going to border it).  My idea was that a light border would continue the light triangles out to the edge and all of the darker areas would look like they are floating.  This Kaffe fabric has a light gray background so it is as neutral as I can get.  I know it is hard to get the idea whether it works when it is only on parts of 2 sides.
I had errands to run and planting to do so I didn't get back down to the basement.  The fuchsia flowers are wave petunias.  I haven't had luck with them in the past draping over the edge of the planter.  We'll see if  it works this year.
The lime green plant in these 2 planters is a new to me variety of sweet potato.  It is already draping over the edge.  All of the rest of the plants are Coleus.

The porch is looking like summer is coming.  I love pots on the steps.

The third pot up is my geraniums from last year.  I just pulled them out of the pots and set them all in a cardboard box in my heated garage for the winter.  They had some green leaves and even a couple flowers during the winter.  A couple weeks ago I pulled off all of the dead leaves and put the plants in a pail with water in the bottom so the roots could re-hydrate.  They all got new leaves and one bud is ready to open.  I decided to just plant them all in one pot and see what happens.
All I have left to plant is this tray of tiny Coleus.  Maybe I'll plant some in the ground this year.