A chocolate soda to go............

My granddaughter and great-grandson were in town for a visit yesterday.  We spent the morning at my house and then we went to lunch (with my other granddaughter who had a birthday yesterday and my son) at my favorite restaurant.  Then we walked around the corner to the second favorite place and I got a chocolate soda to go.  I was surprised how many people I talk to who don't know what an ice cream soda is.  I come from the time period of soda fountains in the drugstores and this was always my favorite.  Now very few places around here make sodas.
I was the winner of the last day drawing last week at Vicki Welsh's blog.  The prize was 4 yards of beautiful hand dyed fabric (these are 2 yards each, 1 yard of each showing in the photo) and 10 yards of Mistyfuse.  You might want to follow her blog and maybe you will win some fabric sometime.  She has lots of great links to tutorials and has a shop where she sells the hand dyed fabric as well as hand made soap and glass items.  She has just created a new website that includes all of it.

I have been looking at this Viburnum bloom from my kitchen window and finally went out to take a photo of it.  There is always just one branch that has the blooms on it.