Medallion auditions............

The 2 side borders are sewn on to the Medallion quilt center, the other 2 just up on the design wall.

I tried four different corner treatments. Upper right, a square of a purple print fabric, bottom right a pinwheel that is too small but I thought maybe I could see if it would work.  Bottom left, a 9 patch, and top left a paw.  While standing next to it I thought the paw was the right choice, but after seeing it on the computer I'm liking the 9 patch better.   I could also try a 4 patch with 2 of the squares purple continuing the the line of purple corner blocks from the center.

The temperature Saturday was in the mid 30s with flurries at times and high winds.  Sunday was 73 degrees and sunshine and also quite windy in the afternoon.  Today will struggle to reach 40.  They are predicting a couple cold weeks to start April.  I just hope we don't get a freeze when the Redbud trees are trying to bloom.