A couple more choices.........

I spent a large part of yesterday going through stuff and pitching some, recycling some.  When I made it to the basement I put in a load of laundry and then started looking for a certain red fabric to make 4 patches to try at the corners.  I couldn't find it but found the purple with red flowers on the top right corner.  Then I cut a square of the same purple used as a corner block on an inner red border and put it on the bottom right.  This might be the lazy way out but I like the one on the top right corner.
I got some goodies in the mail yesterday.  They are the spring Kaffe collective.  I know those are black and white swirls in that print but it looks like zebra to me so I had to have it.  This was from a 20% off pre-order sale.

This is the last bloom on the peach/orange cactus.  I'm hoping for one more plant to bloom.  It usually waits until April every year.