Sewing the hexagons........

It was finally time to start sewing the hexagon star quilt.  The pieces were on a design wall in the basement but I decided to sew them on the main level since I had been sitting and socializing a good part of the day yesterday.
In this photo I'm showing that I pinned the 2 triangles onto a hexagon to carry them upstairs to sew.  The row above has already been sewn to this point.

Next I sewed 2 of the hexagon/triangle parts together.  I only carried pieces of one row at a time upstairs so I wouldn't get the parts mixed up.

I cut all of the pieces on my Accuquilt Studio die cutter with GO! dies.  There are notches for matching so the sides are easy to line up.

My white cactus is the only one in full bloom right now.  I have one bud on a couple other plants.  Three or four of my cacti haven't bloomed yet this winter.