Hexagon progress, triangles.............

I moved a few pieces and this is the final layout for the hexagon stars quilt.  Since the top of my design walls are near the light fixtures, the bottom of the quilt looks darker here than it is. There is a gold fabric with twigs in the triangles near the center of the quilt.  The same fabric is in the very bottom left star triangles so you can what I mean about the light source.  I still have to cut the quarter hexagons for the corners.
My basement is the warmest spot in the house in the winter but in the spring when the heat comes on less often it is cold down there.  The heat comes on in the morning so it is comfortable down there until about 2 p.m.  I decided to sew on the main level last night and started on the 6" finished triangle squares.  I need 65 and I finished 22. 

Happy Easter!