Final decision.......

I appreciate all of the comments and suggestions yesterday.  I have decided to stay with my original vision of a neutral quilt with the tiny bits being the stars of the show.

It will be larger than this because I have 10 more blocks cut and ready to sew and need to make 6 more to get the layout to come out even.  It will have 2 more rows on one side so there will be 5 long rows and 4 short rows altogether.  Then I need to decide if I'm making eight 2/3 blocks to fill in along the top and bottom edge or just a piece of neutral fabric.
I spent about half of the day yesterday straightening up the basement and starting the vacuuming.  The art quilters are coming Monday.  I was shifting some things to different boxes and came across this selection of 1" squares (finish at 1/2") of colorwash type fabrics.  I was tempted to just dump all of it in the dog bed stuffing bags.......just tempted, couldn't do it.