Working on the medallion quilt...........

The top and left borders are sewn, the right and bottom still loose pieces.  I was looking for the fabric I used in the Bear Paw block and can't find any more of it.  I need to substitute a different fabric in for the quarter blocks in the corners.  I'm auditioning 2 here.

In my sketch I had a full block in the corner at the top and just one paw in the bottom left corner.  The problem I have now is that a paw will finish at 6" and the corner square needs to be 7" finished.  That means there will be some light background strips added either at the base of the paw or at the outer edge.  I'll make the paws first and then try both ways with the strips.  My other option is to trim the spiky border strips to 6.5" since the points are quite a bit in from both inside and outside edges.
I got several more lines of quilting done on the star quilt too.  Since it is all ditch quilting it really doesn't show in a photo so I'll show  a corner of the back instead.