Many projects.........

I couldn't decide what I wanted to work on yesterday so I started basting this quilt and am about half done.  I have another already basted.   I never fold the quilt after I baste it so I need to start quilting on one of them soon.
Last night I was ready to sew while I watched TV so I sewed the 16 blocks for one of the Stack and Slash quilts.

Then I sewed a bunch of the spiky pieces for the medallion quilt.  All of these need pressing and then they will be trimmed to the right size.

After Christmas I bought an Amaryllis that was marked down to $3.  The blooms on the first stalk are opening and the second stalk continues to get taller.  This is the only bloom in the house right now.  I have several large buds on 2 cacti so they should be blooming in a few days.