Last January finish..........

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this little quilt.  It started out way back in March 2006 with a pile of batiks that weren't my favorites.  I decided to 'get rid' of them by cutting them into 4.5" squares and 2" finished triangles.  After sewing the triangle squares I started playing with the pieces on the design wall.The main stars in the long rows have 8 points alike on most of them.  The secondary stars are formed between them with multicolor points.  It is all made with 2 blocks, a square and a block made with 4 squares made of 2 triangles.  It had to be laid out on a design wall to get the 8 matching points in the right place but was sewn as rows of 4.5" units, not as star blocks.
A portion of this quilt was my header photo for several years.  I put on the triangle border in 2009 and now it is finally finished 10 years later.  I had intended it to be a wallhanging but I decided not to sew a hanging sleeve on as I was attaching the binding like I usually do.  If I add a sleeve it will be later since I want this to hang over the couch for awhile, maybe forever. 

Yesterday was my 3333rd post since I started my blog in July 2007.