Binding started.......corners auditioned.........

The ditch quilting is finished and now I'm doing the hand sewing on the binding.  I wanted a binding fabric that was a bit darker than the border fabric but not too dark since the back of the quilt is a light color also.  I have about 1/3 of the hand sewing done.
I made the 4 paw blocks and then auditioned the added light strips on the outside edge and the inside edge (2 top corners).  Then I decided I needed to find the next border fabric and put it up there too to really see how the corner will look.  I'm going to go with the one on the left.  The red border will have purple squares at the corners when it is sewn on.
I was really happy I took this photo of the white blooms because later in the day I noticed the bloom and the bud had both fallen off the cactus.  In my effort to not over water them I probably had not given this one enough water.....they need more water when they are blooming.