A plan..........

Thanks everyone for your kind comments yesterday.  I decided not to respond individually to everyone and just do a group thanks.

I put all of the Kaffe strip pieced blocks up on a design wall to get an idea what I'm doing.  I have used up all of the 7" scraps which were trimmed to 6.5" blocks when sewn.

I have a pile of 11" strips left over from this quilt.  I was thinking about cutting them down to 7" but then I played around with math.  The blocks I have made will finish at 6".  If I sew the 11" strips I can cut blocks at 10.5" which will finish at 10"  If I made the center of the quilt with nine 10" blocks (3 rows of 3 blocks, 30" on a side) I can add rows of five 6" blocks around it (also 30").  It will take 24 six inch blocks to go around the center 10" blocks once.  I have 37 blocks made.  So............the plan is: make nine 10" blocks and then cut the rest of the strips down to 7" to make more of the smaller blocks.