Batik 4.5" strips, dark and light

This is an assortment of blue batiks (every one different) of 4 1/2" wide strips in 23" to 28" lengths.

I fanned them out a little so you can see them better.  Both photos will enlarge if you click on them.  There are 16 light and 19 dark strips.  Some of the batiks date back as far as 15 years ago so it isn't an assortment available at a store at this time.  SOLD!

  All of my batiks are washed in pure soap, no scent, no detergent.  

Improv quilter's dream

This group of scraps would be a boost for someone with limited batik fabrics.  They are not a random bunch, they are the same group as I cut for my specialty colorwash kits including all color ranges.  Here are the specifics:

..197 pieces ALL different
..18" long and anywhere from 1.75" - 2" wide in the majority of pieces.  There could be a few a little narrower.
..They are the scrap cut leftover from other cutting, not perfectly straight strips
..Equal to more than 4 yards of fabric. 
..There is only one pack of these SOLD!!!!