2.5" strips

I have cut 41 strips of floral print fabrics, 2.5" wide. I have cut with a straight rotary cutter, not with the pinking blade that the jelly rolls use. I have 2 different kits available, 41 different fabrics in each kit. My price is $26 plus shipping (in comparison: A jelly roll is 40 fabrics and jelly rolls are $30-35) All of the fabrics in my kits are discontinued, no longer available prints. I did cut the selvage with words off before I cut the strips so they average 43.5" wide.

Group # 1 has cream color backgrounds in the lightest prints. All sold, sorry 2/16/09.
Group #2 has white backgrounds in the lightest prints and a little bit brighter colors in all of the fabrics. Sorry these are all sold. 1:52 p.m 1/21/09