Pressing triangle blocks..........

It took almost 2 hours to press all 180 triangle squares last night.  They are 5" finished squares.  I was calculating how big of a quilt I can make with them.  If I do 12 rows across by 15 rows down it would be 60" x 75" using just these squares.  If I added some plain squares in I could make it larger.  I have a couple larger print Australian fabrics that I didn't cut into triangles.  Actually a 10" finished square would show off the print even better.

I was gone for over half of the day yesterday.  I had to move my appointment with my eye Dr. in Chicago after I had my pacemaker surgery.  We traveled in rain both ways, 2 hours getting there and an hour and a half getting home.  My vision has improved since my last visit and I don't have to go back for 6 months so no winter driving.  The tumor (which was treated with radiation 5 years ago) is stable and has a good appearance.  No further radiation damage of healthy tissue at this point.

My pop-up shop closes tonight CST and it will be a few weeks before the next one opens.  This gives me time to continue making quilts and do more photography for the next one.  Thanks to everyone who has visited the shop and to all of the purchasers!