And I chose..............

I chose to sew the right side layout.  Thank you for all of the comments and votes yesterday.  24 chose the right side layout, 11 chose the left side (see yesterday's post if you don't know what I'm talking about!). 10 people like both sides equally well or were undecided.  I just turned 2 quarter blocks a half turn on every big star block on the left half to be the same as the right half layout.  Then I noticed the dark squares touched the top and bottom of the quilt but the ends right and left were only half a square.
I took half blocks from the left and placed them on the right edge and now I was really happy with it.  Now it is ready to sew.  Well, not really, there is one quarter block turned the wrong way in both of these photos.  Actually I moved a couple blocks too after the first photo was taken.

Here is a large view and a small view so you can see how different it looks.  In the large view the star points seem more prominent and in the small view the plaid or gingham effect is more visible.