A little outdoors............

Yesterday morning I went for a walk through the back garden with my camera.  This is on a Jack-in-the-Pulpit plant.

Here is one on another Jack plant.  I have them coming up all over in the shadiest part of the garden.

Here are 2 little Carnation flowers with some more buds on the plant.  It has been dry for so long so I hope they can take the dry weather and not die yet.  With our really cool nights ahead this week I think a lot of plants will go into their autumn mode.
I came around to the front yard and saw there were enough nice zinnia blooms to pick a bouquet.

Say goodbye to this 22 year old carpeting with the ridges at the center as you are headed to the dining room.  Sunday 3 strong men in the family and my strong daughter-in-law came and moved all of the smaller furniture.  The guest bedroom is filled to the brim and some of it is in my sewing room.
Say goodbye to the huge rust stain created when one of the bleeders in the hot water heat system broke and flooded this part of the living room.  Notice how pink the carpeting is at the left?  It is taupe colored carpeting that turned pink under lots of the pieces of furniture and had a green cast  in other areas.  I am so happy to see it go.  New carpeting comes tomorrow.  I ordered it the Saturday before my health declined and I got the Pacemaker. 

I am restricted on the movement of my left arm and how much I can lift so I haven't tried to do anything in the studio yet.  I'm used to picking up heavy piles of fabric and I can't do that right now. The bandage comes off tonight so I'll know how it looks. I will wait until after my one week check up before I do any cutting.