Sorting and sewing.......

I was sorting a box of scrap batik strips yesterday.  I pulled out a pile of narrow strips, less than 3/4" wide and a pile of 1" to 1 1/4" wide pieces.

There were a bunch of 1/2" wide strips in the left pile so I pulled them out and consider them too narrow to sew.  They should go in the dog bed stuffing bag but for now they are in a little plastic bag.

I started making some mug rug tops while watching TV last night.  They are approximately 8" x 10".  Some of the sewn strips are only 1/8" wide.

I ended up making four of them and then wondered what they would look like with a strip or two inserted across the strips.  I just laid some strips on them to see how it would look.

I think maybe I like them just like this.

I'm still working on Hunter Star blocks too, little by little.