Sewing and cutting .... again.........

I got the big triangles sewn onto the wedge shaped pieces on 24 half blocks but I didn't feel like turning the iron on again.  I have 8 more blocks to sew and then it is back to cutting the rest of the pieces for the Australian Hunter Star.
I got a double 4 patch quilt cut for a friend.  She will be over this morning to lay out another quilt on the double design wall.  She is making 2 alike for great-granddaughters.  She got the first one designed last week and it is sewn.  Now we will put up the second one.
The shaggy orange coneflower is going to have at least 5 blooms as it appears now, maybe 6.  I'll have to go back out and count them later today.

Of the 4 Dinnerplate Dahlias I planted last year in pots this one has had about 8 blooms so far.  Another one is yellow and the bud is taking forever to open.  The other 2 plants are big and bushy with no buds.  I don't know whether to save them for next year or not.  I am pretty disappointed in how small the flowers are. 

When I dug up the Canna bulbs last year I put them all in this pot and covered it with a paper bag in my garage for the winter.  I gave away some, planted some, and there were a few left over that just stayed in this pot on my north side sidewalk.  They are doing their best to grow anyway.  I potted 3 volunteer Columbines and they are doing well.  I need to get them in the ground before the first frost.