Not a productive day............

I spent 2 hours yesterday looking for a pattern; no, I didn't find it.

This is the table that is in the background every time I show a quilt on my longarm machine.  I usually crop the photo hoping it isn't noticeable.  I have decided it is time to take everything off the table, sorting as I go.  This is the table my Studio die cutter used to be on.  It has become a dumping spot.  Time to fix that. 

There were storms predicted yesterday late afternoon and evening.  On the radar maps on TV it looked like we would get some rain.  Not a drop at my house and we need the rain so I guess I'll be out there watering everything today.

I pre-ordered Kaffe Fasset's new book and I got a notice yesterday that I should receive it on Saturday.  I hope it is a good one.