Another nice day...........

It was another beautiful low humidity day with a nice breeze so I mowed the lawn.  It had been 12 days since I last mowed because we haven't had rain.  The only sewing room activity was cutting the preemie gowns for Monday's sewing circle at church.  I cut three sizes and still need to cut all of the receiving blankets to go with them.  There is a link to the pattern in my Label list, right sidebar.
The last batches of perennials that I planted are doing well.  I didn't expect the Delphinium to bloom again since it had been cut back and was half price.  I hope it makes it through the winter.

The orange Coneflower with the shaggy center had a lot of little buds so I hoped they would bloom.  This one is just opening and another down below is just starting to open too.  Next to it is the Zebrina.  Behind it, the spotted leaves is the Lungwort/Pulmonaria.
The little Carnations are starting to re-bloom too.  This is the prettiest of the 3 so far.