A look back 2012........

2012 was a big year of many changes.  I did finish a lot of quilts because I had my solo show in a gallery in NC.  There is a video on my right sidebar with me talking about all of the quilts in the show.  It is hard to pick a favorite from that year so I picked the 3 top favorites.  This is Rainbow River, a quilt made with crazy pieced squares.  It was used as the mascot of the solo show on the postcards.

This piece was so under priced at the show that I was happy it didn't sell.  It hangs in the hallway to my bedrooms, visible from the living room.  This post shows some of the close quilting better.  I changed thread color many, many times in this quilt. 

I really love this colorwash made with regular quilting cottons in brighter colors.  My daughter owns this one now.  I finished 2 other colorwashes in 2012 and I love them too.

I didn't do anything in the studio after the art quilters left. Hopefully I'll get some more cutting done today on the Australian Hunter Star quilt.