Last seams sewn!..................

I worked on the Seed Packet quilt all day while my 2 friends were here.  I had only a few seams left to sew when they left and I sewed them last night.  I can see a couple small squares that could be moved to a better place but for now they will stay where they are.
I thought my design walls were 84" tall but I can see that they are closer to 82" since the bottom row is bending out.  The quilt top ended up at 68" x 83".

For inquiring minds, a refresher, here is the post where I show the inspiration quilt. 

The backyard garden is now pink, yellow and orange.  The Rudbeckia blooms are just opening and there will be a lot more yellow in a few days. 

The front garden is overgrown and needs a lot of work.  I am slowly tearing out an  invasive plant.  My 2 pots of begonias and a pot of Coleus add a lot of color.

The Swamp Milkweed is just to the right of the area in the photo above.  This shot was taken looking down at the plant from the top.  It is about 24" tall. 

We got a nice rain storm yesterday afternoon, a little over 3/4" of rain and another storm around 9 p.m., another 8/10ths.  It is more rain than I thought we would get.  I won't need to water anything for a few days.