I like progress............

The Marcia Derse fabric Drunkard's Path top is finished.  I decided it won't have borders.  It ended up at 48.5" x 69.5".  It is mostly scraps from cutting this quilt with only a few extra fabrics added.

I made a slight miscalculation on how many small squares I need.  I must have figured only a single row instead of a double row.  In any case I need another 63 small fussy cut floral squares.  I don't mind repeating fabrics.  Some people making this quilt have used all different fabrics for every square.  The inspiration for this quilt can be found here
The tiger lilies are starting to bloom.

The Rudbeckia in front of the tiger lilies is almost ready to bloom.

I have lots and lots of green tomatoes but none on the big plants have turned color yet.  I have 2 little bush tomatoes that had small tomatoes on them when I bought them.  The squirrels have gotten 2 of them, I have eaten 2 that ripened and I have 2 more ready to eat.  I also have 2 on the windowsill in the kitchen to ripen, well away from the squirrels' sharp little teeth.
A few days ago I mentioned the path through my yard, a shortcut for teenagers.  My block is about 3-4 blocks long, no side streets so the kids cut through yards.  Several people asked if it was a right of way and whether this was a normal practice.  It isn't a right of way; it is my private property.  I live in a small town and I guess the kids feel comfortable doing this.  There is a pile of boards at the lot line with the neighbor.  I asked my neighbor lady in her late 80s if they were her boards and she said yes she put them there to discourage kids cutting through.  Well, they just step over them so that didn't work.