The chosen one.........

After looking through the quilt tops for about a half hour I decided on finishing this one.  Click here for the post where the whole view is shown.  If you noticed the date on that post this top has been waiting for about 2 1/2 years to be quilted.  I got the batting cut and the seam sewn in the backing.  I hope to load it and quilt it this morning.
Yesterday was dark and dreary in the morning as thunderstorms rolled through.  In the afternoon it was partly sunny, partly stormy.  This is the view from one of my kitchen windows. This view is to the left of the path to the bird feeders.  If you click on it to enlarge it you will see things blooming.  The tall plants in the center are orange Tiger Lilies which haven't bloomed yet.  The Rudbeckia is all budded out but hasn't bloomed yet either.
Here is a closer view of the section I have been working on.  I dug up the little Hosta that was between the Coreopsis and the Shasta Daisy and it is now planted to the right of the Daisy.  You can just barely see tips of it.  This shot taken from the kitchen window has a bush in the foreground.  I planted a red Coneflower on the right.  The last time I bought a red one it bloomed white the next year.  I hope this one stays red.
This is the view to the right of the path to the bird feeders.  The 15 peony bushes are in this section.