First of four border strips sewn on........

After sewing on the first narrow border I realized I will have to cut off the points before I add the wider borders.  I think I had success with this border but I really won't know until all 4 are sewn and I add the wide borders.
This is a huge Jack-in-the-Pulpit plant, almost 3 feet tall.  In fact almost everything is huge this year. 

Under the huge Jack are 2 little coneflower plants almost ready to bloom.  Since they are in the shade of those huge leaves they have stayed small.

These 4 hostas were about half this size last year.  Behind them is the new hosta bed I started last fall.  There are also 2 peony plants back there that don't get enough sunlight.
This hosta was one that I dug up last year and pulled several small plants off of it.  This year it is way bigger than it was last year and I'll have to dig it up in the fall and split it again.  I guess our mild winter and hot April are to blame for this growth.