Wow, what a storm that turned out to be.  They think it might have been a microburst.  My power came on somewhere around 4 a.m. so it was off for about 11 hours.  Poles with electrical wires blew down north of town.  Some areas south of me still didn't have power as of 8 this morning.  My son had a tree fall on his truck in his driveway as well as losing a tree in his backyard.  He lives about 3 miles from me.  Lots of big branches and trees down here in town.  

I bought Dahlia bulbs last year when they went down to half price and I had a yellow one bloom last year.  I kept the pots in the garage all winter and now all 4 pots have healthy plants.  My first bloom is a deep maroon.  It is the dinner plate variety but this bloom isn't very big.  There is another bud on this plant and none so far on the other 3.

Since I sew late in the day I only got about a half hour of free motion quilting in on the blue African modular quilt before the power went out around 5 p.m. yesterday.  It was not a restful night of sleep with the humidity last night.