Same old thing, cutting and sewing triangles........

I cut lots more triangles and got some of them sewn yesterday and I'm sure you don't want to see any more piles of triangle squares.  I went outside in the afternoon to see what was growing in my garden.  I found the first Jack-in-the-Pulpit and many more in earlier stages of growth.  The plain green ones are here first and then the brown striped ones follow.

My sister-in-law gave me several starts of Bleeding Heart but the squirrels dug up some of them last year and trampled over the rest.  I didn't know if the root was strong enough to still grow but the answer is yes.  There is the larger plant with white flowers and one tiny plant behind it.  I hope the other one is the pink one. 

The Cranesbill is full of blooms.  I have 2 more varieties that bloom later.

The Weigela bushes are loaded with buds.  One branch has bloomed, the rest won't be far behind.  The paler pink (almost white) bush is starting to bloom too.  I cut back my red bush drastically so I'm not sure if it will bloom this year.
Here is a cactus bloom on one of the last days in April.  I have tiny buds on another plant but I don't think they are going to develop.  Now it is time to start fertilizing them through the summer.