Outdoor time..........

The first thing I did was lug 6 huge bags of pine bark nuggets to the backyard and refreshed my path through the garden.  The nuggets were larger than the ones I usually use but were the only ones I could find.  I took this photo in the early evening so the colors are really subdued.
I got three pots planted for the front porch.  I planted them with identical plants this year.

This recycled plastic pot doesn't look like much yet but will fill in.  I may add a couple petunias in there today.

Here are the 4 pots that I had Dahlias in last year.  I just cut off the dead plants and put the pots in my heated garage for the winter.  One started growing about 6 weeks ago, the others are a little slower but the last one is finally coming up.  I planted them later in the season last year so I'm hoping for more blooms this year.