Cutting and planting......

I didn't sew anything yesterday but I did cut some more 2.5" squares from Kaffe fabrics.  I have a long way to go before I will be making anything from these squares.

This is one of the pots I planted on Friday.  Full sunlight fades the colors so it is prettier than this.  The Coleus in the back of the pot is supposed to get quite tall.

This is the other pot I planted on Friday.  Next to it is a tomato plant and some petunias which I should have moved out of the way.

This is the third variety of Cranesbill that I have.  The flowers are a really pale pink and are shaped different than the other varieties.  Remember you can click on photos on my blog and enlarge them.  I planted one more pot with Coleus yesterday afternoon.  I also dug out all of the volunteer plants and weeds from the zinnia bed and added peat moss and some top soil to build it up a little.  Now I need to plant the seeds.