Sewing triangles...........

I had enough triangle squares sewn to lay out one more block. I have one turned the wrong way in the bottom row.  The box only contains light triangles so I spent some time cutting medium and dark triangles.
I sewed enough squares for four more blocks with a few left over.

I took photos yesterday afternoon to compare with 8 days ago.  I didn't have time to make them into four 2 photo collages so I'll show you one today so you can see how pink the backyard is.  I'll do the collages for tomorrow.
Here is a question for people who live in or near NC.  My son in law sent this photo of a bush that grows near streams and he asked if I knew what it is.  I have never seen it before.  Can anyone identify it for us? 

Thanks for all of the input.  He decided it is Mountain Doghobble.