A backyard view...........

The only things I could taken a photo of yesterday were the vacuum cleaner and dust rag.  I thought you might rather see my back garden.  I'm going to take photos every 2 weeks to show how it all fills in.  This is facing left.  Several trees and/or big limbs were removed last year so I will be able to get into the gardens easier.
This is moving a little to the right.  To the left in this photo is the Brunnera I showed yesterday and in the center there will be lots of hostas.


A little farther right. 
The bird feeders are in this photo as well as my birdbath.

This is all the way to the right.  Here if you click to enlarge you can see the peonies are getting tall and the redbud trees are pinking up.  

I am expecting out of town guests so I had to move many, many quilts and wallhangings off the guest bed.  I rolled most of my wallhangings into huge rolls.  Here is an example from an earlier time.