Yellow and red.............

I think it is time to make another mostly yellow quilt.  I pulled a couple oranges and some golds too.  They are all batik fabrics.

I stacked them to carry to the basement.  I couldn't resist measuring how tall the pile is.  Most pieces are about 1/2 yard and a few are a full yard.  Now I need to decide on a pattern.

My project while watching TV last night was making strip pieced blocks with red and pink.  I don't use a foundation.  I just pieces strips together, press well and then trim to 6.5" square.

My plan is to use them with my 8" crazy pieced blocks from last year.  This is the first layout.

I think the second layout looks better.  I need to make a lot more blocks if this ends up being my final plan.

I bought an Amaryllis bulb on sale after Christmas for $2.72.  It had a bud when I planted it but it didn't start growing for almost 3 weeks.  I was about to give up when it started shooting up.  The photo on the package was a single petal style so I was surprised when it bloomed and it is double petals.  There is one more bloom behind it. 

I save the bulbs and put them in their pots outside in the summer and fertilize them.  Then in November I bring them in to a dark cool place for about 12 weeks and then expose them to light to see if I will get any buds.  I had one last year and there is one this year.  It is about 12" tall right now and the bud is fairly small.  The pots are sitting next to each other so you can see the bud just below the bottom bloom.