My oldest UFO

When my friends were here yesterday I pulled out my oldest UFO.  I started this in the late 1960s and worked on it into the early 1970s.  This is 6 sections of 4 blocks each.  The fabrics are all from the period before 1975.  Even though it is ugly and probably 50% polyester/cotton fabrics, I will probably go ahead and finish it now.

I was still doing custom dressmaking when I started this and some of the pieces are scraps that my customers left with me and some are scraps from the clothes I made for myself and my daughter.  One of the reasons I never finished it is because the selvage wording was in one of the blocks and I was embarrassed about that.
I had made a few 8 point stars previous to this quilt and didn't really like setting in the corner squares and edge triangles so I folded under the seam allowance and topstitched them on poly/cotton squares.  Notice I changed color of thread for the different color points.
If you click on this photo and enlarge it you can see that this is a larger weave fabric.  Several of the fabrics are pants weight canvas type fabric.  I was truly using my scraps at this time because there were no quilt shops.
Here are some photos with a closer look at the leftover 9 patch blocks.

I don't have matching star blocks to go with these 18 nine patch blocks so they can be a separate quilt.  I think I must have been making this king size when I started.

I remember driving to Aurora IL to a store that had various household merchandise, maybe leftovers from factories and other stores.  The selection was different every time I went there.  I found this fabric in packages of 3 yards probably meant for dresses or curtains since quiltmaking was not popular at the time.  I bought 2 or 3 packages of it.  This project is probably older than a lot of my readers.