Just Playing.................

I bought the wedge die when it was on sale.  One of the uses is for a wonky Roman coin quilt or to use as a border.

I decided to put them edge to edge and see how many it would take to do a circle.  It looks like 19 1/2 for a half circle unless I don't have them perfectly lined up.  That is a yardstick so the circle would be larger than 36".

I could fold them in half and sew a seam across both ends.

Then push out the points on both ends.

That would make the wedge 8 5/8" tall.  A ring of them could be appliqued to a background.  I'll keep playing with this one.

I found a box with some leftover 4.5" strips in it and decided to die cut some Hunter Star pieces.  I sewed the partial blocks and first laid them out totally scrappy.
Them I laid them out with matched pairs.  Either way works.  I'll keep cutting and sewing and some day have enough blocks for a quilt.

I had another die I bought awhile ago, the LeMoyne Star also on sale, and I hadn't used it yet.  I cut a couple sample blocks and sewed them.  Like I said, just playing......... 

My two friends are coming over today to sew.  I may work on my Farm Girl Vintage blocks.