Another Trip Around the World...........

My friend and I basted her quilt (yesterday's blog post) for 2 hours yesterday morning and then were able to pull the rest of it up on the table to have it ready to finish the basting.  I will work on it a little each day now instead of all at once.  Last night I started sewing the stratas for an new Trip Around the World with 30's reproduction fabrics.  I haven't decided on the color order yet so I just sewed each group of 4 fabrics and then played with the order.  This is the first one I tried.

All I did was move the yellow strata a few spaces to the right for this layout.  After seeing it on my computer monitor I think I like this layout the best.  I have one more move I'll try and then I can sew the groups together for a complete strata.  I used 2.5" strips and I have 24 fabrics.  If my calculations are right I think this might come out about 70" x 94".

I have to start cleaning the basement today.  After 2 cancellations the art quilter are finally going to come next Monday so I have 4 days to put away all of my stuff.....and believe me, I have a lot of different projects laying on tables.  I also had been doing some sorting so one table is covered with that.