The new set up.......

This is the before photo.  This drafting table sits under wonderful lighting but it is too tall for short me to use for my die cutting machine.

Now I have a standard height 96" table in that spot with my Accuquilt Studio die cutter on it.  My basement isn't fancy, just concrete walls and floor with odd carpeting pieces and foam puzzle piece flooring in other areas.  It is a terrific studio with 3 cutting tables, 8 design walls and enough tables and cabinets for 6-8 people with sewing machines. 

I have a shorter table under the 96" table.  I have two steel trays for my Studio cutter so I store the extra one on the lower table.

This is where the 96" table used to be, totally unusable between two tables running in the other direction and two sewing tables.

Now the 5' table that the cutter used to be on and the drafting table are in the spot where the 96" table used to be.  The 5' table becomes an extension for one of the sewing tables and also a storage spot for my water bottle and spritz bottle for my iron. 
Now I can get busy and cut these stacks of fabric into 2.5" squares.   

First though my two friends are coming over today to sew and have fun.