Snail's Trail top..........

One of the ladies was sick so only two came over to sew yesterday.  I sewed the Snail's Trail blocks into a top that measures 59" x 83".  It will be a nice couch quilt to put in my gifting stack.  I will look for a backing for it tomorrow.

I baked the two batches of cookies for the art quilters on Saturday night so I am all ready for them to come today.
When the Studio die cutter was first available it took up this much space all of the time and it is heavy and not easily moved.

A couple years ago they made Studio 2, a folding version and also had a kit to make the original Studio cutter into a Studio 2.  When the kit was on sale at half price I bought it.  Now the cutter won't take up much room when company comes to sew.