Playing with Snail's Trail

I decided to try the alternate squares with the Snail's Trail blocks.  The light fabric I tried first was too light and too plain.

This second print is better so I need to cut more squares.

I could stop here at 60" x 72" but it looks unfinished.

I cut three more dark squares and made two more Snail's Trail blocks.  Now it will be 60" x 84".  This is the first quilt, my trial quilt to see how these blocks work.  I didn't choose most of the Snail's Trail block fabrics to go together.  They are just what happened to be in the fat quarter pile plus 4 that I needed to cut from some yardage.  I rarely buy fat quarters because I like full width fabric.  Most of these were bonus pieces added to orders and the rest were one pack I bought to get 2 of the fabrics in it.  The next quilt will be planned.  The light fabrics need to be more consistent in value.