Borders and blocks.............

I sewed a border onto this little quilt top yesterday.  I took the photo on a gray design wall.  I'll photograph it on a white wall when it is quilted.  I last worked on this one in November 2013.  Now it is around 44" x 50" so when it is done it will go in the baby quilt stack.  I made several quilts with this block here and here and here.
I spent some Christmas gift money on a new die.  I have always wanted to make this block but with all of the different size triangles I never got around to it.  Some triangles have the grain on the long edge and some on the short edge so it seemed like too much work to cut it until I got the die.
This is the GO big die on top of an adapter so I can use it on my Accuquilt Studio die cutter.  I have 6 layers all face up so with one pass through the machine I have 3 blocks.

People who don't have a die cutter are always concerned with the waste fabric.  I used fat quarters cut into a 11.25" width x 18" so I have the long grain heading into the roller.  This is what is leftover.

After I cut away the skinny strips here are the scraps.  The 3.5" ruler gives you an idea of the size.  The piece to the left is big enough to cut a 1.5" strip, a 2" square, and two 1.5" squares (times 6 layers).  There are lots of shapes I can cut out of the 4" wide piece.  I keep similar size scraps together and after I'm done cutting with this die, I'll put on another die and cut up the scraps. 

It was a good day to work inside.  My driveway still had ice on it at 4:30 p.m. yesterday.  It was supposed to be warmer all night so today it should finally be melted off.  I talked to one person who couldn't stop on the ice and ran into a garage door.