2016 - starts and finishes.............

This first collage is the finished quilts of 2016.  I have sold 2 of them and gifted 2 of them.  6 of them were tops that were completed in 2016 also so they were a fast turn around.  

They are not to scale - they are however Picasa 3 decided to show them.

Here are the remaining 18 quilt tops made in 2016 that didn't get quilted yet.  I sold 3 of them so I only have 15 to finish. Again they are not to scale.  Also the whole photo of each isn't shown so if you want to see any of them closer and complete you need to go to my Label List on the right sidebar and click on Monthly recap.  That way you will see full photos of all of the finished quilts and finished tops from each month.

I ended the year with a total of 40 tops on hangers waiting for quilting.  That is the lowest number I have had in many years.

I finished 4 table toppers/runners.  My friend Donaleen hand quilted the top right piece.  The bottom right was made for a friend with a combination of her fabrics and mine.

Knitting was put by the wayside as I did a lot more gardening (and we had a very long gardening season last year) and a lot more reading novels.  I did finish these 3 dishcloths.

In 2016 I started losing some eyesight from the radiation treatment for my eye tumor back in 2012.  With both eyes working together and glasses I don't notice the loss most of the time. There was some swelling inside the eye so my eye specialist decided I should have shots in my eye to try to reduce swelling and possibly regain some of the eyesight.  That means a few more trips into Chicago every 6 weeks (a little less than 2 hours each way).   I am fortunate to have the top eye specialist in the midwest for my doctor and he is very concerned with saving eyesight.

I hope I can get more organized in 2017.  I hope to get rid of unnecessary things and organize what is left.  Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

And finally in gratitude, thank you for reading my blog, thank you for leaving comments.  If you are a NO REPLY, thank you for your comments too even though I can't reply to you.  Who would have ever thought that we could be in touch with people all over the world and communicate about things we have in common.