Yes, it snowed..............

It started snowing at 8 yesterday morning and was still coming down at 3:30 when I went out to shovel my sidewalk and porch.  There was about 4" on the sidewalk but closer to 6" on the grass.  Snow didn't accumulate on the road or sidewalk until about 2 hours into the storm because we hadn't had cold weather recently so they were warm.  I sewed the rest of the purple strips for the 16 patch and got them pressed.  Then I cleaned off my die cutter table and found the leftover Marcia Derse triangles shown here.  I think I'll make a table runner out of them.
This is the view out of my kitchen window around 2:30.

This is a Rose of Sharon bush right outside my kitchen sink window.

Here is a closer look at the seed heads and snow piled on them.

The two Redbud trees by my driveway look like they are in bloom.  The snow was wet and piled up on everything.

The snapdragons growing in a crack in my driveway are still green and blooming.  Today is supposed to get up near 40 so we should have some melting.  My two friends are coming over to sew today.  I'm glad my snowplow guy came last night and cleaned off the driveway.