One finish.........

I just finished one mug rug yesterday.  The incentive to do it was that it is a gift for my hairdresser and my hair cut is this morning.  Nothing like a deadline to get something done.

She is a non-sewer/quilter so I added my tag so she will know what it is.

How about this for commitment?  30 yards of Hobbs 80/20 batting.  My quilts take an average of 2 yards each so that is 15 quilts.  Since I usually finish about 20 a year it will probably be at least half this size by the end of 2017.  I also use Warm and Natural batting and have a roll of it too.  It is mostly for wallhangings because it has scrim in it and hangs nice and straight against the wall.  Between the 2 rolls I will probably use close to 40 yards in a year if I can keep up the pace I have been doing.
My champagne colored cactus bloomed yesterday.

It is an unusual color.

One more photo just because it is so pretty.  The pottery is a Goodwill find.