I have baked two batches of spritz cookies so far and will do another two for sure.  Some will be mailed out in a couple days, the rest shared with many in my own area.

I made two batches of Chex mix yesterday.  I only had 5 of the Christmas print bags left from last year.  I didn't see them at the store this year but I'll go back and look again.
I spent and hour trying to clear off table tops in my main floor studio.  I still have a long way to go on it.  I got 4 mug rugs trimmed and binding cut.  

It is supposed to be near 0 on Sunday and might be the coldest day the Bears have played football in Chicago.  They are playing the Packers who are no strangers to cold weather either so both teams should be OK.  It is the people in the stands watching the game that will be suffering.